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Age of Cthulhu: Vol. 1 Death in Luxor

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    Luxor, Egypt. 1926. For the last two years, Professor Bollacher and his team of archeologists have performed architectural and epigraphic surveys of Medinet Habu. Better known as the mortuary temple of Ramessess III, Bollacher's team and a small army of laborers set about unearthing the greatest temple to ever stand watch over the Nile.

    On September 1, Professor Bollacher and his team discover a secret that has sat undisturbed for over 3000 years.

    Less than 72 hours later, the entire team is dead.

    Age of Cthulhu: Death in Luxor, is the first of a series of officially licensed Call of Cthulhu 1920s adventures set in exotic locations throughout the world. In a universe where uncaring horrors move in the vast spaces between the stars, and slumber in the unfathomable depths of the world's oceans, even the strongest mind must tremble before the truth.

    Saddle stitched, 48 pages.


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