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Dystopian Wars: The Eclipse Company: Company Support Group

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    The Honorable Eclipse Company operates worldwide, and has come to see the value of not associating with any single major power. Its Brigades are commonly based in backwater areas or even offshore and most often in specially designed military structures, such as the solidly built and very well armed Tartarus Class Fortification home. Based on designs frequently used for oil drilling and mining in inhospitable regions, the Tartarus's well-appointed accommodation and ample stores are heavily defended by formidable weaponry; the structure quite literally bristles with automatic cannons and machine guns.

    Many Tartarus Fortifications mount Generator equipment at their cores; some have shielding arrays, while others harbor the deadly power of the uranium-fuelled pulse engine. For sea-based structures, further security is provided by swarms of Stingray mini-submarines, whose alert crews rush to their stations at the first sign of attack by enemy naval forces. Tartarus towers inevitably have a stout security cordon girdling them, whose strongest redoubts are the Gadeiros Class Fortification. These resilient bunkers are outfitted with docks for Stingray submarines where necessary and a cluster of tough Gadeiros installations can break the back of enemy raiders. Furthermore, they can be erected by HEC Brigades on-site where needed, especially when they are working on long-running contracts. These vital bases give crucial support for your HEC forces, and can make a fine addition to a Dystopian Wars terrain collection in their own right.

    Contains: 1 Large Tartarus Class Fortification, 2 Medium Gadeiros Class Fortifications, 2 Oceanus Class Bombers, 8 Tiny 'Stingray' Class Submarine Tokens, 8 MTB 'Atlas' Class Assault Ship Tokens, 1 A5 Fleet Guide, 1 Token Sheet and 1 Template Sheet.

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. 


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