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Tide Of Iron: Fury of the Bear

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    Players: 2-4

    Ages: 14+

    Playtime: 60-240 mins

    Complexity: 3 / 5

    It is June 22, 1941. Operation Barbossa has commenced and the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union has begun. Employing over 4.5 million troops, Germany’s invasion spreads across an 1800 mile front. Pressing forward, the Germans seek to claim territory up to the Arkhangelsk-Astrakhan line. These two Soviet cities mark the proposed eastern border of the Reich. The Soviets, however, have no intention of going quietly...

    The Fury of the Bear expansion for Tide of Iron builds on an already epic game experience by adding the forces of an entirely new nation, as well as new vehicles, winter terrain, scenarios, and more! Featuring nearly 100 plastic figures for the Soviet army, plus new German figures, tokens, cards, and 9 new Eastern Front map boards, the Fury of the Bear expansion will let you experience Tide of Iron in an entirely new way.

    This summer, the invasion begins!


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