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Titan Forge: Bloodsail Island: Anchor Bashers

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    Anchor Bashers are the veterans of Bloodsail Island ogres. Only the toughest and braves (or craziest) of the pirates can enter their ranks. Before becoming one, an ogre has to prove his worth by diving into one of the wrecked ships that surround the island and killing at least ten Razorsharks. The only weapon he can use can be salvaged from the wreckage. Ogres are not famous for their subtlety, and so, most of the candidates go straight for the ships anchor...

    This set contains enough parts to build 3 Anchor Bashers:

    1. 3 x Anchor Basher body (two bodies with left hand attached, one without hands attached)
    2. 3 x hand with anchor's haft
    3. 1 x right hand with anchor's haft
    4. 3 x Anchor's head
    5. 3 x Anchor Basher diving helmet
    6. 3 x Anchor Basher head
    7. 3 x Oxygen pipe
    8. Siren's hand
    9. Treasure Chest (attachable to ogre's belt)
    10. 3 x Scenic base

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.


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