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Hordes: Circle Orboros (72024): Tharn Wolf Riders Cavalry Unit [SALE]

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    An eerie chorus of howls precedes the attack of wolf riders. These bloodtrackers astride huge duskwolves strike faster than most enemies can react. The wolves pull down their prey with powerful jaws, and their riders hurl javelin after javelin. Soon nothing remains on the field but meat for crows and the sound of howls fading into the distance.

    Tharn Wolf Riders come in a box set of three (PIP 72024), and players may add up to two additional blisters (PIP 72025) to create a full unit of five models. A player may have one unit of Tharn Wolf Riders per warcaster in his Circle Orboros horde.

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.


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