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Heroclix: Gears of War 3: #006 Mauler

Item #: #006 Mauler
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    Fight against the evil machinations of General RAAM and the Locust horde as you play Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago, or other members of their elite squad! Arm yourselves with the latest CoG weaponry and equipment and defeat the Locust menace!

    Gears of War brings all of the incredible action to your tabletop with this exciting addition to the HeroClix universe! 10 all-new figures give you all you need to bring the battle to your HeroClix games as you battle on the side of the Locust or the Coalition of Ordered Governments!

    Gears of War HeroClix is 100% compatible with other HeroClix products and features new mechanics like the Grenade (with "Frag" and "Smoke" options!) special weapon!


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