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Legend of the 5 Rings CCG: A Line in the Sand: Booster Pack
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In the heart of the Scorpion Clan lands, a samurai dies, and a war begins. Hopelessly divided over a matter of honor, the scholarly Phoenix Clan and the sinister Scorpion Clan find themselves at odds in a manner that cannot be resolved by diplomacy. Only war will settle this dispute, and only blood will wash away the stains upon the honor of both clans. Honor and Treachery is L5R's brand new Learn to Play set for the Emperor Edition Arc. Play either the manipulative Scorpion or the peaceful...

Legend of the 5 Rings CCG: Honor and Treachery
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In the unrelenting summer heat of the Colonies, tempers begin to fray as those with allegiance to Iweko Seiken and Iweko Shibatsu take an increasingly militant stance against those who disagree with their philosophies. While the heirs themselves do not advocate military conflict against the forces of their brother, their followers lack the same sense of discretion and self-control. As temperatures soar, self-restraint begins to fail, and blood will be spilled in the name of Imperial...