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Future Card Buddyfight: Dragonic Force
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Buddy Police and genuis buddyfighter, Tasuku Ryuenji, enters battle with his Dragonic Force Trial Deck! Fly together with Jacknife Dragon and the Armordragons of Dragon World and enforce justice with extreme force! This pre-constructed Trail Deck features the same deck that Tasuku uses in the animation and comes with everything new players need to enjoy the game with their buddies!

Future Card Buddyfight: Savage Steel
Price: $15.95
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Future Card Buddyfight: Dominant Dragon
Price: $15.95
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Future Card Buddyfight: Burning Valor
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The all-new Character Pack, Burning Valor packs a pocket sized punch! Relive the scenes from the animation with many of Gao Mikado's signature cards and explore the monsters of Dragon World to build your favourite Armordragon or Dragon Knight deck! Will you answer the roar of the dragons with valor? - Each pack of contains 3 cards. 1 card will always be an R or above. Collect the legendary Buddy rare (BR) card in this set!