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Red Flip Dice
Price: $7.95
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Item #: TCE401 -

Package of Flip Dice contains 6 high-impact plastic dice designed to be used as +1/+1 counters. The patented design of using the 6th side of the die as a +10/+10 makes it simple to quickly and clearly indicate any power increase.

Assorted Counters
Price: $7.95
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: TCE301 -

Package of assorted Flip Counters contains 25 high-impact chip counters in four different colors designed to be used as +1/+1 counters, loyalty counters, token counters and poison -1/-1 counters. Each counter is double-sided with a different image on each side, designed to "flip" the value, e.g. from a +1/+1 to +2/+2, etc.

Graveyard Play Mat
Price: $14.95
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Item #: TCE101 -

Limited edition Ultra-thin Play Mat is a reproduction of an original oil painting on canvas; not a computer generated image. It features our iconic graveyard and zombie rising from among the tombstones. The ultra-thin material rolls up easily for storage or carrying and provides the same durability and protection as heavier and thicker play mats. Comes in a protective reusable plastic sleeve.