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Every day can be demented play day with your very own Ashy Slashy puppet from Season 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead! We've replicated Ash's potty-mouthed little doppelganger from the asylum episodes for your (hopefully G-rated) entertainment. This is a working puppet - insert your hand and you can move the mouth, plus the arms are poseable thanks to inner articulation. Ashy Slashy is approximately 15" tall. - AS SEEN IN THE TV SERIES! - Working puppet! Re-enact your favorite scenes! - Poseable arms! -...

Evil Dead 2 30th Anniversary Ash vs Undead 2 Pack


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Evil Dead 2: One of the horror greats and a true cult classic! Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the iconic movie, NECA is proud to release a special 2-pack containing Hero Ash and Deadite Ed Getley action figures. Hero Ash features the likeness of inimitable actor Bruce Campbell. Ash comes with a Necronomicon book that opens up, two alternate head sculpts, bone dagger, sawed off shotgun, and possessed deer head. Deadite Ed Getley comes with interchangeable heads, one of which comes apart to...

Big Screen Superstars: Army Of Darkenss- ASH SOLID CASE PACK
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From Kasual Friday. Super-stylized superstars! The Kasual Friday Big Screen Superstars series brings the on-screen favorites from the past into 3 1/4-inch tall mini figures that pack quite a punch and now the popular first wave Ash figures from Lost in Time are being made available once again! Comes in blister packaging.

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Just in time for Season 2 of the hit Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead, we present a special edition action figure 3-pack dedicated to the dramatic Season 1 finale. The set includes Bloody Ash and two demon spawn figures that are exclusive to this set. The series follows Ash: stock boy, aging lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter who spent 30 years avoiding responsibility, and the terrors of the Evil Dead. In final episode of season 1, Ash is beset by demonic creatures at the cabin in the...

Evil Dead 2: Ultimate Ash (7" Figure)
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Evil Dead 2: One of the horror greats and a true cult classic! From the 1987 movie starring the one and only Bruce Campbell, we present the definitive collector's version of Ash! Ultimate Ash features all new fully articulated legs and tons of accessories, including 2 interchangeable heads (regular and possessed sculpts), interchangeable right forearms, severed possessed hand, Sheila head, Necronomicon, tape recording machine, shotgun and axe accessories. With over 25 points of articulation,...