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The Order of the Stick #5: Blood Runs in the Family
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The fifth volume in the popular stick figure fantasy webcomic, The Order of the Stick, features 384 pages of full color comedy and adventure. Watch as leader Roy Greenhilt leads his less-than-intrepid team to the distant Western Continent, where they encounter scheming warlords, creepy death priests, dim-witted bounty hunters, and a whole lot of shocking coincidences! Crammed with bonus materials and author commentaries, it's the biggest OOTS book yet, with five years' worth of comics compiled...

The Order of the Stick: On the Origin of PCs
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Ever wonder how the Order of the Stick met? Or why on earth Roy would ever hire Elan? Or whether any of the OOTSers ever knew each other before the team formed? All of these questions and many others have been left annoyingly unanswered in the online edition of the Order of the Stick. But wait! Now you can know! Now your burning curiosity that borders on unhealthy obsession can at last be sated, for the new OOTS book is here-and it's a prequel! Yes, travel back with Rich Burlew, creator of the...

The Order of the Stick #4: Dont Split the Party
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Divided by the events of War and XPs, our heroes struggle to reunite in this fourth compilation of the popular online comic, The Order of the Stick! With their leader, ah, indisposed, Haley leads the quest to bring him back from the, uh, the place that he is at. (Hey, some people only read the comic in book form, I don't want to spoil it for them.) Meanwhile, her love Elan contends with new threats at sea, including some direct competition for her man! And how will these problems drive one of...

The Order of the Stick #3: War and XPs
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The epic battle between good and evil becomes more epic-y than ever in the long-awaited third volume in The Order of the Stick story, War and XPs. Follow the continuing adventures of Roy, Haley, Elan, Durkon, Vaarsuvius, and Belkar as they persevere prophecies, revenge, true love, heroic battles, villainous treacheries, tragic falls, and one swingin' party. Read in white-knuckled edge-of-your-seat anticipation as the Order leads the charge in a massive siege that makes the Battle of...

The Order of the Stick #2: No Cure For The Paladin Blues
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The Order of the Stick is back in action (and in color!) in this second volume compiling the popular fantasy gaming satire webcomic in convenient book format. Watch in amazement as The Order of the Stick, everyone's favorite band of hopelessly incompetent adventurers, leaves the dungeon behind (probably a good idea, considering they blew it up anyway) and ventures out into the great outdoors. Thrill to encounters with bandits, dragons, assassins, and perhaps the most terrifying of...

The Order of the Stick #1: Dungeon Crawlin Fools
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Item #: GIPOTS01 -

Six brave stick-figure adventurers embark on a semi-epic journey to overcome hardship, villainy, and the rules of their favorite fantasy roleplaying game in The Order of the Stick. And now you can own the first 121 strips of Rich Burlew’s ridiculously popular webcomic epic in easy-to-read-in-the-bathroom book format! Time and again, you’ll be able to read as Roy, Elan, Belkar, and the rest of the OOTS cast face off against power-mad liches, snippy goblin's henchmen, rebellious teenagers, clown...

The Order of the Stick #-1: Start of Darkness
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Start of Darkness is the second book of all-new Order of the Stick comic strips, following in the footsteps of our best-selling prequel book, On the Origin of PCs. Delving back in time, this new book features never-before-seen strips telling the story of the OOTS' archnemesis Xykon, the evil and easily bored lich sorcerer. Fans will learn for the first time ever how Xykon became undead, how he met his loyal henchman, Redcloak, and even how he discovered the mysterious Monster in the Darkness....