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Eldritch Chrome
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Unquiet Tales of a Mythos-Haunted FutureDURING THE DECADES since H.P. Lovecraft first wrote of the Cthulhu Mythos, many authors have crossed his themes into other genres, enhancing his original vision with stories taking place in the distant past, in the far-flung future, and in myriad places in-between.Cyberpunk tales are written in dark, gritty, film-noir styles. Their protagonists live and die at the bottom echelon of an electronic society gone awry. They may be seedier, poorer, and less...

Achtung! Cthulhu: Dark Tales From The Secret War
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Achtung! Cthulhu: Dark Tales From The Secret War [Fiction]

The Cthulhu Rainy-Day Activity Book
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Remember those days of innocent youth and the time spent reading, drawing, and coloring? Yeah, we don't either. To put the final nail in the coffin of those glorious remembrances of misspent youth, we bring you the Cthulhu Rainy-Day Activity Book in honor of the first master horror writer of the 20th Century, H.P. Lovecraft and his beloved Cthulhu Mythos. This book contains many activities to provide a few minutes of entertainment or something longer. These activities are fun and engaging for...

Goomis Unspeakable Vault Of Doom (Vol. 2)
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Goomi's Unspeakable Vault of Doom is a gloriously colorful and humorous look at the works and influences of the greatest horror writer of the 20th century: Howard Phillips Lovecraft and his famous 'Cthulhu Mythos'. Launet's art and wry humor shine through this lavishly produced 112-page full color volume from Pegasus Press. Fans of the genre will recognize old favorites in new guises with Cthulhoo, Nyarly, Dagoon and co! Players of Chaosium Inc's game: 'Call of Cthulhu' won't escape either....