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Steam - Map Expansion # 5

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    Steam: Map Expansion #5 delivers a way to store your precious cargo in one place, with this box coming with two maps in its hold: India (3-5 players) and Southeastern U.S. (2-6 players). In addition, it comes packed with a variety of mini-expansions that can be played with your other Steam maps. New Action Tiles — The Surveyor, The Midnight Express, The Local Payoff, and Corporate Charity — can be added to your games to change the dynamic of previous maps, while the Gray Market Goods expansion adds a level of mystery to your goods supply and creates dual goods.

    Steam: Map Expansion #5 includes the previous mini-expansions that were found only as promos: Demanding Suppliers, City Growth Special Contracts, and the Five Way Town as well as more track tiles, new complex hard curve tracks, and a Universal Display board to be placed beside your expansion maps rather than having to play your expansion on top of the original board.

    Finally, in addition to a box that's designed to hold all other Steam expansions, Steam: Map Expansion #5includes an updated omnibus of all the previous expansions' rules with more in-depth examples.


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