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Item #: RVN01622 RVN60001622 WFG60001622 [810558016220]
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    Number of Players: 4+
    Playing Time: N/A
    Recommended Ages: 18+

    1,000 outrageous, salacious, hilarious words to act out!

    Charade what!? Split into teams and face off in a raucous game of charades! Guess the saucy, suggestive, and downright obscene clues in order to score. Or stick it to your rivals with challenging twists to make them suffer. Be sure to peg your opponents with the foam ball when their time is up, or they’ll never stop! This rude, rowdy party game will get your mind in the gutter and your friends rolling on the floor!


    • 500 Double-Sided Cards
    • 24 Twist Tiles
    • 1 Sand Timer
    • 1 Ball
    • Instructions


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