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    Totally rad 1980s action… TO THE MAX!

    Enter a world of 1980s action adventure with Shadow of the Century, a robust setting and supplement for Fate Core.

    The year is 1984, and the Shadows run the world. The Century Club has been disbanded, the Spirits of yesteryear driven underground—only to rise up alongside new wave heroes to stick it to the man!

    Fight the good fight in a gonzo game of underdog heroes set against the forces of oppression everywhere. Join kung fu masters, computer hackers, maverick cops, and more to right wrongs and prevent the darkest Shadows from ending reality as we know it.

    Shadow of the Century requires Fate Core to play. In this 212 page supplement you’ll find:

    • A richly developed setting that continues and expands the pulp adventure world of Spirit of the Century
    • A detailed pitch session process that works with your group to create a story and characters that excite everyone
    • Character creation rules that focus on what roles your heroes play in the story, with plenty of stunts to pick from
    • Montage rules to make the most of teamwork and training
    • “Gonzo” stunts and other rules for dialing the weirdness and superheroics up or down to suit your group’s tastes

    The fight for the fate of the century continues in Shadow of the Century!


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