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Sentinel Comics: The RPG GM Kit

Availability: Coming Soon


    Playing SCRPG involves the players working together with the GM, helping their heroes play to their principles and ultimately save the day... but at what cost?! GMs frequently need to come up with twists on the fly in action scenes, or create minions in response to hero or villain actions. To make your job as GM easier, we've created a kit of useful GM supplies.

    The SCRPG GM Kit comes with several helpful tools, including:

    • A double-sided dry-erase scene tracker with an average scene tracker on one side and a black and white, customize-able scene tracker on the other
    • A total of 16 double-sided dry-erase challenge, minion, and lieutenant cards
    • 6 blank dry-erase cards for you to use as needed for tracking hero turns in the action order, or whatever dastardly deeds your minions may have up their sleeves
    • A tear-off pad of 100 full-color double-sided blank hero character sheets
    • A tear-off pad of 100 full-color double-sided blank villain/minion/lieutenant sheets
    • A 4-panel GM screen with exciting, full-color art by Adam on one side and a ton of handy info on the other


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