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Sentinel Comics: History of Sentinel Comics

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    Part of what people love about Sentinel Comics is the rich and lengthy backstory of its (entirely made up) comic book history. When Christopher and Adam first sat down to create these heroes and villains and tell their stories, they realized that the world would feel more real and more full if it had the strong history that comic books do in the "real world". Thus, they built yet another layer of fiction, creating the fictional comic book company "Sentinel Comics" and crafting stories not just of what happened in the pages of their comics, but also what happened in that world to inspire the creators of those comics.

    Real life comic book historians Darren Watts and Professor Christopher McGlothlin approached Christopher Badell in 2016 with the idea of writing a book detailing that history, and they quickly realized they had their work cut out for them. The history that Christopher and Adam had created was evocative and thrilling, but also missing several important elements. Not dissuaded from their task, Watts and McGlothlin wrote up a storm, tenaciously bombarding Christopher and Adam with all manner of questions and conducting many joint brainstorming sessions to uncover the truth of the history of Sentinel Comics.


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