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Rifts: Haunted Tech Sourcebook

Item #: PALL894
Availability: Coming Soon


    Faced with the imminent threat of the Minion War and ensuing demon plagues across Rifts North America, heroes and nations rise! Archie Three is taking none of it lying down. The insane machine-god is obsessed with sending the demons back to Hell and saving “his” world.

    • The Republicans reveal themselves and take action. Yes, that means Chaos Earth NEMA O.C.C.s, robots and technology in Rifts Earth.
    • Archie Three takes action behind the scenes, in a big way.
    • New menaces appear.
    • Haunted Tech gives new meaning to “ghost in the machine.”
    • But are they a godsend or a Pandora’s Box of new danger?
    • The new rules, powers and abilities for Haunted Tech will blow your mind.
    • Adventure ideas, plot hooks and more.


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