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Puerto Rico: Expansion 1&2

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    • Players: 2-4
    • Ages: 13+
    • Playtime: 60 - 90min

    To enhance your Puerto Rico experience, we now offer two expansions.

    The first adds 12 new buildings (two of each) to give your settlers more options as they work to build respect. It also add two new large builds to add options for end-game scoring.

    The second adds seven small buildings (including one new production building) and one large building (again for end-game scoring).

    EXP 1: 12 new small (2 ea.) & 2 new large buildings.
    EXP 2: 7 new small (2 ea.) & 1 new large (1 ea) buildings, 20 red nobbles, and 12 forest tiles


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