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POP! Wetmore Forest Monster 003: Snuggle-Tooth

Item #: FU15161 [889698151610]
Availability: Coming Soon


    The monsters of Wetmore Forest come in all shapes, sizes, colors and personalities which are reflected in the range of Wetmore-themed products coming this September!

    All 14 monsters including previously introduced monsters Butterhorn, Tumblebee, Snuggle-Tooth, Bugsy Wingnut, Chester McFreckle and Picklez!

    And new monsters Grumble, Magnus Twistknot, Liverwort, Mulch, Slog with Buddy Grub, Sapwood Mossbottom, Angus Knucklebark and Smoots are available as Pop! Monsters. Slog with Buddy Grub comes with a chase!


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