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Mistfall: Shadowscape DEEPER DUNGEON

Item #: NSK018 [6425453000362]
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Price: $12.95

    Players: 1-4
    Playing Time: 45-60 Min
    Ages: 13+

    Delve deeper into the deadly depths of the Nightfather’s labyrinth! Expand the dungeon making it larger and more dangerous than ever before. Customize your heroes with a set of new skills, and arm them with new gear, as they step into the underworld Realm of Shadows. Face events and recruit allies to help you once again emerge as the champion of Shadowscape!

    • Deeper Dungeon is the first expansion for Shadowscape, featuring more character options, as well as new mechanisms for the game.
    • Customize your hero with a set of 13 dedicated, double-sided action cards.
    • Build a bigger dungeon with a set of 9 new dungeon cards, and make use of the all new unique shrines.
    • Expand the available gear with 9 new items, each with a unique ability.
    • Load the Fate deck with events that will make the game even more dynamic and replayable.
    • Expand Shadowscape without making the game last longer.

    Each turn will end with the active player drawing one Fate Card for its third and final effect: monster spawn and movement. This is also the time when most monsters will be able to attack the Heroes, dealing damage some of which can be easily soaked, while other have to be placed on their Action Cards, making them unavailable until the Hero is healed.


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