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Medieval Warfare: Volume 9, Issue #4

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    Medieval Warfare IX.4 with Lancastrian revenge: Edward IV defends his throne

    Edward IV, Margaret of Anjou, and Warwick the Kingmaker fight for power, and England faces three battles in 1471.

    Theme: Lancastrian revenge: Edward IV defends his throne

    Danièle Cybulskie, 'The early years of Edward IV's reign (1461-1470) - Two kings, two queens, and a kingmaker'.

    Devin Fields, 'Barnet, Tewkesbury, and London - The year of three battles'.


    Helen J. Nicholson, 'Sybil of Jerusalem as military leader - Defending Jerusalem'.

    Laura Harrison, 'The myth of William Wallace's longsword - Needing a bigger blade'.

    Randall Moffett, '"An incessant discharge of arrows" - The English archer'.

    Kay Smith and Ruth R. Brown, 'To strike "the brains out of his head" - The pollaxe'.

    Michael Edward Stewart, 'The assassinations of Aëtius, Valentinian III, and Aspar - Violent death in the shadows of the fall'.

    Leszek Gardela, 'Viking elites from Myklebostad, Norway - Lords of the fjords'.

    Peter Konieczny, 'Top ten peace treaties of the middle ages - Medieval diplomacy'.

    Murray Dahm, 'Medieval Russia on film, part II - Alexander Nevsky'.

    ...and much much more!


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