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Maiden's Quest

Item #: 73287 [634482732878]
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Price: $17.95

    Players: 1+

    Ages: 14+

    Playtime: 30+ mins

    Complexity: - / 5

    A maiden, tired of waiting to be rescued, takes it upon herself to fight her enemies and escape.

    Maidens use cards from their hand to attempt to defeat an enemy or obstacle. As you play, the game’s difficulty grows as enemies of increasing veracity become active! An innovative turn and flip mechanism allows each card to represent up to four items, encounters, or allies.

    This fun and easy to learn game takes 10-30 minutes if you play non-stop. However, since each encounter is resolved separately, you can stop and stow away the deck at any time, returning to play when and where you left off at a later time! And since no surface is required you can play while standing on line to get your morning coffee, while you wait for an appointment, or while sitting on the couch at home! Contents include enough for true solo play, co-op, or competitive 2 player games, and, with multiple copies, more players can join in!


    • 144 Cards
    • Rule Book


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