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Mage Wars Arena Core Set [Damaged] - AWGMWCS2015 [853211004141]-db
Mage Wars Arena Core Set [Damaged] - AWGMWCS2015 [853211004141]-db

Mage Wars Arena Core Set [Damaged]

Item #: AWGMWCS2015 [853211004141]-db
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    Damaged Box - Contents should be fine.

    Do you have what it takes to enter the Arena and do battle with the most powerful Mages in the world of Etheria?

    Mage wars combines the best elements of customizable card games and tactical miniatures games to create a unique, fast-paced, strategic fight to the finish!

    - New outdoor Arena Board design and 2 new beautiful Spellbook designs
    - New card art for Battle Fury, Force Push, Hand of Bim Shalla, Teleport, and Temple of Light
    - Bear Strength, Dispel, Dissolve, Minor Heal and Rhino Hide are now adorned with alternate artwork
    - We've added 14 additional spells to make spellbook building easier, including favourites like Dispel, Dissolve, Force Push and others

    New gameboard
    2 new spellbooks
    344 spell cards
    4 cubes
    20 action markers
    2 quickcast markers
    9 attack dice
    1 effect die (d12)
    27 damage counters
    12 mana counters
    8 guard markers
    6 ready markers
    23 condition markers
    3 ability markers
    1 initiative marker


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