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    Number of Players: 3-5
    Playing Time: 90-120 Minutes
    Recommended Ages: 16+

    The plot unfolds against the backdrop of an invasion of the city of Scarpizo by a new Yakuza clan intending to take over all of Scarpizo's vices.

    Lawless Invasion features 8 new Soldati abilities and scheme cards. It includes a unique synergy between the scheme cards and Soldati abilities through the new "open" scheme cards. With the additions to the core set, the new soldati and scheme cards will add endless re-playability to the game.

    Infused with the beautiful Japanese artwork, Lawless Invasion is able to immerse gamers in a gang war of epic proportion between the Yakuza and the Mafia.

    Join the gang war now!


    • 24 Scheme cards (44.5x63mm)
    • 40 rectangular Soldato tokens (20x50mm)
    • 1 large reference card (190x190mm)
    • 1 rulebook (8 pages)


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