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Konflikt '47: Soviet Daughters of the Motherland Patriot Team

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    Teams of Daughters of the Motherland now named Patriot Teams have been rearmed by their Soviet engineers with handheld Shield Proyektors – the latest in battlefield tech in 1947.

    The Daughters of the Motherland have become a regular sight on Soviet newsreels and often feature on radio broadcasts. To maximise their media profile, a plan was developed to increase their presence on the battlefield and thereby bolster the (often low) morale of the average Soviet infantryman.

    Pairs of Daughters are attached to regular infantry platoons to provide a patriotic focal point for the fighting soldiers.

    To further encourage their acceptance amongst the common soldier, they carry both assault rifles and a new Soviet Rift-tech sonic shield generator that can deflect and disrupt incoming fire.

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.


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