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    PLAYERS: 2-4
    AGES: 12+
    PLAYTIME: 60-120

    You work in a factory focused on lean production. You must impress Sandra, the factory manager, who will review your performance, and keep the factory ticking like a clock. Depending on the gameplay experience you want, you set the difficulty level as either “Nice Sandra” or “Mean Sandra” mode, an easy-going or tough boss!

    Kanban: Driver’s Edition is a Limited Edition of the critically acclaimed Kanban: Automotive Revolution released in 2014. This game will not be reprinted after 2018.

    Kanban is designed by the famous game designer, Vital Lacerda. Due to Mr. Lacerda’s amazing work in the game industry, Stronghold Games is proud to place this game in The Great Designers Series, which recognizes the most renown game designers in the world. Kanban: Driver’s Edition is #9 in The Great Designers Series.

    • 40 Custom-Shaped Wooden Cars!
    • Double Sided Game Board!
    • “Nice Sandra” mode game rule changes!
    Over 300 game components in total!


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