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    So secret even its name is a mystery:
    Some say the name comes from the Sodality of Vryn, which identifies thirteen currents of magic and gives each a letter designation-M is the 13th and most powerful. Others say the title refers to the original writer of the book, while still others believe it stands for myself, or-perhaps most simple and obviously-magic.

    Whatever the source of its name, the coveted Book M is whispered to contain unknown spells, incantations, rituals, charms, hexes, and more. Plus potions, amulets, bezoards, spiritstones, and madstones, as well as other physical ephemera. Within its pages a vislae might even discover previously unknown artifacts to aid in the pursuit of the secrets of reality.

    128-page hardcover book plus 200 cards-all in a highly desirable slipcase
    Slipcase will hold the next three Invisible Sun supplements, encouraging future purchases to fill it out!


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