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    Number of Players: 2-6
    Playing Time: 15 Minutes
    Recommended Ages: 8+

    Hunting season has started in the little land of Grumpfs! Tribes are gathering for the annual Hunt. You will have to cooperate to catch the biggest animals but only the most powerful Tribe will collect the precious trophies!

    Each player has 8 grumpf token with different strength. When the game starts, everybody hunt by placing their tokens as fast as possible on the different boards in the center of the table. The players who finish first shout to stop the game. Then we look at the board to see if the conditions to hunt the animals are fulfilled (some need a lot a grumpfs, other moderate strength, etc). The most powerful tribes in each boards get the trophies.

    You have to be fast to place more grumpfs than your opponents, but be careful to respect the hunt conditions for each boards, or you’ll go home with your pockets empty!


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