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Golem Arcana Urugal: The Khan's Pyre (SALE)

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    Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs includes three new Urugal Golems to be used in any Golem Arcana Army.

    The expansion set includes a Warspite, Ogre, and Titan class Golem.

  • The Crypt Tick, A quick Warsprite that can leech health from its enemies, or destroy itself to deal damage equal to its health.
  • The Marrow Witch, A bewitching Ogre, the Marrow Witch curses her enemies with a stacking damage over time attack.
  • The Relentess Brute, A rampaging Titan, every hit reduces its cooldowns by one, allowing it to pummel its enemies continuously

    Also included are four new Relic Cards:
  • Dusaka-Lul's Blade, that causes an a Golem's attack to siphon mana
  • the Noose of Akhir, that summons a phantasmal gallows
  • the Ossetic Parasite, that attaches to an enemy Golem causing it to damage itself whenever it hits with an attack
  • the Onyx of Jhosa-Lata which will cause a mana well to explode
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