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Item #: SG8036 [653341722508]
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Price: $23.95

    Number of Players: 2-5
    Playing Time: 15-30 Minutes
    Recommended Ages: 7+

    Gold Fever is an exciting, push your- luck game that’s so highly portable you don’t even need a table to play!

    Gold Fever is a fast, family/party game for all ages. The winner is the first player to draw five gold nuggets out of their bag. But if you keep digging gold too long, you risk drawing so much gravel that you may lose it all! The game offers fun decision-making and a short playing time.

    Gold Fever’s portability makes it the ultimate “bar game”, playable at a restaurant, a tavern, or as a filler game in your home!


    • 25 Gold Nuggets
    • 20 Gray Gravel
    • 20 Black Gravel
    • 20 White Gravel
    • 5 Rubies
    • 5 Emeralds
    • 5 Cloth Bags
    • 1 Manual


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