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Gaslands: Mortar Round Ammo Tokens, Translucent Green

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    (10) Translucent Green Gaslands Miniatures Game Mortar Round Ammo Tokens

    Gaslands, based on designs by the publisher of the game rules Osprey Publishing and designed by Mike Hutchinson, the game of vehicular combat and apocalyptic mayhem uses a variety of weaponry during play.

    The mortar is a great long-range weapon which can hit targets you can't see. The mortar fires indirectly and may ignore terrain and cover when attacking.

    Expand your ammo collection and equip more cars with the same weaponry and explosive paraphernalia. Arm your vehicle with extra firepower! Each token represents one load, fuel, or ammo used during the game. Place all the tokens of a weapon on your car sheet, then remove as you use up your ammo.

    *Compatible with the Gaslands miniatures game by Osprey Publishing.


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