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Frontier Wars

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    Frontier Wars is an area control and hand management war game where players take control of one of four different factions (US, Russia, Germany, and England) in an alternate history take on World War II. Players will vie for domination on the military front or win a more subversively victory by focusing on researching their own Doomsday Weapon. In the Frontier Wars Expansion players can also take on the roles of Japan or France and jump into the fray with up to 6 players.

    The basic rules are very accessible but the designers worked hard to make sure that no tactical depth was sacrificed due to the simplicity. Players control their forces across land and air with a mixture of ground units, vehicles, and artillery. Alliances can be forged to try and ensure victory, but true allies are fleeting and can turn at any point. With 100 miniatures and 90 cards in the base game, and even more in the expansion, there’s plenty of game to support conflicts for years to come.

    Explore, forage, evolve, and march your way to victory in this dynamic strategy board game set in the world of ants. As spring dawns the great thaw begins. Deep beneath the lush meadow grasses the queen stirs in her nest and the colony comes to life. Soldiers venture forth, battling centipedes while clashing with opposing colonies for territory. Workers dig an ever-expanding network of tunnels in their tireless search for food. The first larvae hatch and it is clear this generation will be different: the young colonies rapidly evolve into a multitude of new forms. The ants march out to claim the meadow as their own.


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