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DragonBall Super: Universal Onslaught - Booster Pack

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    The Greatest Warriors in the Universe Assemble! The Final Series in the Infinite Unity Block!

    Series 9’s theme is "the greatest warriors in the universe!" - Your favorites are all here! Series 9 features the strongest characters in the history of Dragon Ball! Goku, Cell, Frieza, Jiren, Buu - support for each color and plenty of deck types!

    The conclusion of Infinite Unity - All combinations are here!
    Series 9 completes the Infinite Unity Block with Series 7 and Series 8. Series 9 introduces Red/Blue and Green/Yellow cards for the first time!

    Double Exclusive Rare Sets!

    • Leader Reboot Campaign: Remake of 5 Leader Cards form Series 1 to 6 with upgraded abilities. Leaders chosen based on an online poll from fans taken in August!
    • Special Move Campaign: 5 Extra type cards are featured in a campaign for the first time ever! The most Iconic DragonBall special moves return!

    Exclusive Promo Card Included in Each Box!
    Each box purchased contains one exclusive card with the same special finish as Secret Rare Cards!

    • Total: 234 types
    • 12 cards per 1 pack


    • Common: 60 types(Normal or foil ver.),
    • Uncommon: 30 types(Normal or foil ver.)
    • Rare: 18 types
    • Super Rare: 16 types
    • Special Rare: 10 types
    • Exclusive Rare - Reboot - x5
    • Exclusive Rare - Special Attack - x5
    • Secret Rare x?


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