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Darklands: Sairen Rose, Death-Melusine

Item #: MRMYSN-KYS-1564
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    In the darkness that is Ker-Ys there are beings that none would wish to encounter, creatures that crawl and beasts that slither, abhorrent monsters of dark thought and darker intent, but to many the sheer depravity of man is the foullest - or, indeed, most enthralling - aspect of that fell city. The Rose of Ker-Ys is a pure embodiment of that perversion, a seductress with little regard for the wants or lives of others, a witchling whose only purpose is to fulfil her desires whatever form they take and with whatever subject they require - man, woman or beast. Her devotees and supplicants are legion both inside and outside of Ker-Ys and her power grows with every soul that falls under her spell, for each seduction she effects is magik of a kind, a puppeteer's dance that serves to feed her debased virtue and from which few escape from with a sound mind.

    this blister pack contains

    1x Sairen Rose, Death-Melusine
    1x 30mm round Darklands base

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.


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