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Custer's Last Stand

Item #: WPUB041 [856565007226]
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Price: $76.95

    Players: 1-2

    Playing Time: 60-90

    Custer's Last Stand is our old school war game of two of the most famous battles of the 1876 Sioux Campaign. You get the battles of Rosebud Creek AND the Battle of Little Big Horn. The game comes with a large double sided hard mounted game board, 2 sets of rules, playbook, 2 double sided player aids, two ten-sided dice, 3 counter sheets,and a playbook.

    Now be Crook at the Rosebud or Custer at the Little Big Horn OR Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull.


    Action Points (AP) Roll: Each player rolls 1 die to check for extra AP.

    First Player Movement: Compare total AP. Low total moves 1st, tie go to Cavalry. Using the AP available, activates and move eligible units.

    First Player Initiates Battle: Units that end the move adjacent to enemy units conduct a battle.

    Second Player Movement: Using the AP available, activates and moves eligible units.

    Second Player Initiates Battle: Units that end the move adjacent to enemy units occupy must conduct a battle.

    End Turn: Check for victory and if so, the game is over. Otherwise, move the turn marker one ahead on the turn track and go to step 1.

    Victory is determined by killing units and terrain objectives.

    Playable by 1 to 2 players in under 2 hours. Low complexity.


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