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Blood & Plunder: No Peace Beyond the Line

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    The No Peace Beyond the Line expansion book contains new information as well as a massive update to all the existing nationalities. Along with this update, you’ll find we’ve added more historic leaders, additional playable factions, new unit types, previously unseen scenarios, rules for larger games, campaign rules, and much more. Expect an expansion as large and as wide-ranging as the rulebook to enlighten players about the Blood and Plunder universe from 1600-1700.

  • Optional rules for playing games at a greater scale or with more than two players
  • A campaign system
  • Special characters that players will be able to add to units
  • New units and factions for the existing nationalities
  • New nationalities including the Dutch and Native Caribbeans
  • New ships: Piragua, Fluyt and the Galleon!
  • Factions for expanded nationalities such as Danes, Swedes, Prussians, and Portuguese
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