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Ancient Warfare: Volume 13, Issue #2

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    Ancient Warfare XIII.2 with the role of geography in ancient warfare.

    Natural and man-made geography exerts its influence on warfare, determining the passage of whole armies and fleets, sometimes allowing a single soldier to hold up an entire host.

    Theme: the role of geography in ancient warfare

    Robert C.L. Holmes, 'Geography and war in the ancient world - Dictating destiny'.

    Sean Manning, 'Kaneš to Kayseri in 4,000 years - Passes of the Anti-Taurus'.

    Robert C.L. Holmes, 'Urban warfare in Alexandria, 48-47 BC - Blood in the streets'.

    Evan Schultheis, 'The terrain of the Catalaunian Fields - "I have the high ground!"'.


    Jon Coulston, 'Waging war in the archaeological record, part II - Open conflict'.

    Graham Wrightson, 'Combined arms in ancient Greece - Beginnings of integrated warfare'.

    Boris Dreyer, 'A scientific adventure - Testing a F.A.N. theory'.

    Murray Dahm, 'Sending a slingshot message - "Take this!"'.

    Tacticus, 'Taktikè Technè, part XI - Phormio and "fast triereis"'.

    Duncan B. Campbell, 'Staff officers of the Roman army - the beneficiarii'.

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