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Item #: AGSENAOT02 [5902259204565]
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Price: $22.95

    Number of Players: 2-4
    Playing Time: 60-120 Minutes
    Recommended Ages: 14+

    Another dusk has settled over Hadria. As decent citizens close their eyes, true masters of dark alleys come out to play. The stakes are getting higher day by day with the Emperor’s presence bringing even more rich guests to the city. As if this was not enough, the Night of Broken Shutters is coming and the Guild is preparing to wreak its vengeance upon all Hadrians. Two new shadowy figures start prowling the streets in search of treasures and infamy, while city sewers are filled with unsettling echoes of invisible dangers. Are you bold enough to once again compete for the title of the most cunning thief?

    Masters of Disguise is the first expansion to the best-selling clockpunk game Age of Thieves. It introduces a plethora of new components and rules, giving you lots of variants to enrich your gaming experience. Become Julien or Delilah, new, powerful thieves with unique actions and abilities. Enter the dreaded Undercity as you travel through the sewers. Prove your skill with new Burglary Cards that enable you to plan your turn even more strategically than before. Finally, enjoy a brand new Scenario which gives you a chance to steal more jewels than ever before…if you are willing to take more risk!

    • 2 new Characters complete with unique rules, personal Action cards and plastic, highly detailed miniatures
    • Sewers Cards enabling players to experience adventures in the Undercity
    • Burglary Cards offering a much more tactical approach to the game
    • New Scenario introducing new rules, goals and endings as well as allowing you to prove that you are a true master burglar


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